Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trees in rows

three rows of trees in field had to be planted, I would guess about three years old.
Notice the radio towers in the background, not in use now but when they were, they could be heard at 630 on the AM dial.
I was skiing for a hour this afternoon, snow was a little icy in places, I guess from the mild temps we had Friday morning.
Played cards in Hampshire this evening and will watch some curling tonight.
15 km on exercise bike


  1. I am enjoying all your photos and daily excursions. Keep it up! Congrat's on the retirement.

    Jennifer in Edmonton.

  2. Hi Jennifer, When you were North, I checked your blog every day, I really enjoyed the photos.
    So I could say you were my inspiration.
    once the snow is gone, I will be posting a lot of the Confederation Trail.