Friday, July 3, 2009


Overcast with a few sunny breaks at 22. Thunder shower this evening giving about 10 mm in 10 minutes. I got a ride to Borden-Carleton and started cycling from there around 2:00 PM. I cycled to Emerald and then onto Milton and then home on Rte 248 arriving at 5:40 and logged 60 km.
I just missed getting got in thunder shower by 10 minutes.
Photos: A yellow crop in Kinkora area, not sure what it is and flowers along the trail east of Emerald. 10 km on EB this morning.


  1. Oh gosh PEICycler, sounds like my day yesterday! I got home and within minutes it was pouring, I mean really POURING rain with lightening and thunder, my timing couldn't have been more perfect! I didn't post a photo, but I was lucky enough to be given a great hybrid bike by my landlady it's a Miele 24 speed, and it's SUPER. It even has a spring seat, like suspension I guess? What a difference when you have a quality bike! It's a pleasure to bike up those mountains now instead of a chore!!! Since "miel" is honey in French, that's her name, Honey! LOL. One day Aspen and Honey should race through the trails together!

  2. Rain, Sounds like you were lucky getting the bike, Wow 24 speeds, Mine is a 18 speed but on the trail all you need is three. Honey seems like the right name as it is a honey of a bike.
    But I am too slow to be racing, I would meet you coming back.

  3. LOL, well Honey has more oomph than I do, ha ha. I've only been able to go up to the 16th speed, but that was going on a decline!