Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Cloudy with light showers, high of 13. Took 07 car to garage for inspection. Island Trails meeting this afternoon and town council meeting this evening. No cycling.
Photo: Sunset in Cornwall


  1. I haven't used my bike yet since I've been here, but I found the trail near Summerside! I wonder, it's so windy all the time here, does wind play a factor on the Confederation Trail?

  2. Hi Rain, A lot of the trail is sheltered by trees so the wind is not a problem, but where it is open it sometimes a problem. Most times if I am cycling both ways, I will cycle into the wind going out and I have it on my back for the return.
    You might be interested in the Down East event that is on Oct 2-4. Friday is short only 20 km, 35 on Saturday and only 22 on Sunday. Yesterday there were 70 registered. Just go to the Island Trails web page.

  3. I wonder if the hue of the sky is different at various longitudes. I can always seem to recognize the colours of home.

    Or, seriously, it might be the haze of smog that affects the big cities. Anyway, a lovely pic!

  4. Oh thanks for that info! I'm trying to keep up with all the fun stuff happening around here! I can't wait to get a little more settled!!