Monday, November 16, 2009

fields, clouds and sand pile

Overcast in morning, sun in afternoon, windy with a low of 4 and the high 14. Cycled to town office in afternoon and the trail by the business park logging 15 km. 14 km on EB in morning.
Photos were all taken from trail behind business park, grain field, small pond and highways sand pile. Nice clouds in all photos.


  1. thank you so much! i've been meaning to write and tell you that it means so much to me now, knowing and having seen many of the areas that you shoot and write about. i didn't realize how much i would miss Canada.

  2. Can I bring my pail and shovel to play in your sand pile? cocoa

  3. Hi Kymberlie, Thank you for letting me know that you enjoy the blog, I check yours regularly and and enjoy reading it and the photos.
    Cocoa, I am sure it is okay for you to play in the sand but to be sure please check with Ronnie.

    PEI Pedaler