Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cold day

Still lots of snow on the trees, the sun shinning though the trees makes for a nice scene.

Tracks in the snow, ski from yesterday and snowmobile tracks as well.

Sunny with wind made for extreme wind chill, low temp -21 and the high -12. 15 km on EB.
I was curling this morning, and to a meeting in Charlottetown after lunch. I went skiing for a hour starting at 4:00, temp was -18 when I got home. I was planning on going to cards in Warren Grove but with the -21 temp decided to stay home and watch the curling, Ont & PEI are playing, both with 5 & 1 records.


  1. The first picture is beautiful. Almost enough to make you go outside for a walk. cocoa

  2. The sun makes such a wonderful difference doesn't it? :)

  3. These are outstanding and very familiar from my youth...