Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Tracks in snow

About 4:00 I went out on the skis, no other tracks other than animal tracks, not sure which one it would be.
More tracks near the stream.

Last week this was frozen over and I would cross on the ice, today I took the skis off and crossed on the snow covered log and didn't fall off the log.
Overcast with light snow at times, low temp -2 and the high 2. 10 km on EB.
I curled two games this morning in the 55 plus games, our team was on a roll and won all four games that we played. It was a mixed team and I was in the second position. This evening I attended the annual Official Board meeting at the church.


  1. We say the tracks are hare/rabbit. cocoa

  2. I think the tracks are a hare as well.

    I wonder if any animal other than man uses tracks when hunting prey? My guess is that scent is much more important, but would a coyote even be aware of tracks?