Saturday, May 8, 2010

Work of the beaver

The beavers make good sized chips when felling a tree.

The stream was just on the other side of the trail.

They had taken all the smaller branches, my guess spring came before they got it all moved but I think they were planning taking all of it.
Sunny in the morning, cloud moved in late afternoon and the rain started in evening, high was around 15. I attended a breakfast meeting in the morning and the cut the lawn. After lunch I drove to North Wiltshire and then cycled the trail to Emerald and back to North Wiltshire logging 50 km for the trip. I am watching hockey this evening.


  1. where were the beavers? cocoa

  2. I read on the CBC that there will be a cull of beavers on PEI. I didn't know they were becoming a pest, but I guess so....