Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Earth moving

This is were the old DeBlois warehouse was, it looks like they are taking 4-5 meters of earth of the site.
Sunny with clouds, at one time it was 17 but by evening it was down to 11.
I cycled to Charlottetown for a 4:00 meeting, it lasted two hours. I then cycled home by taking the trail to Milton and the road from Milton, logging 29 km.


  1. I plan to watch the moving and the shaking going on. The changes have been increadable in the Winsloe area, just this am on my 3k I noticed a few houses getting ready to be moved, looks like they are about to take construction there also.

    Next time you are are heading to Charlottetown for a meeting stop off you your way back to Milton. My husband and I would welcome you, Grandma's Tea Room corner of Rte 2 and The Confederation Trail.

  2. Hi Cindy, thanks for visiting the blog. I cycled by your place this evening. Some day soon I will stop in and see you.