Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Putting on new shingles

The old shingles that had been on the roof for 26 years.

The roof stripped to the boards which are still in good condition.

The rubberized underlay in place.

The new shingles are installed, nine hours later for half of the roof.
Mostly cloudy with a few sunny breaks at 24. No cycling today but I did attend a short meeting this evening.


  1. About time, if those shingles have been there for more than two decades already. Did you undertake the work all by yourself? That's quite a job. At least it didn't rain and the weather's good enough for the roofing.

    Maggio Roofing

  2. Although the chipping is quite obvious, the shingles still look surprisingly good for something that's been up for 26 years. But yeah, it's about time you changed them. Make the new one last longer by taking a good at it every few months. Joann @

  3. They don’t look as old as 26 years. Though it’s a little obvious that’s they’re starting to peel off the boards. Only the shingles need replacing. The damage is only on the surface so you must be taking good care of your roof. Kate @ AquaDuctRoofing