Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hillsborough river

The shore line of the Hillsborough river near the QEH at low tide. This is looking north up the river.
Same location looking south towards the harbour, you can see Charlottetown in the background.

Myself and another TO cycled from Emerald to Borden and return. In two places there were small trees across the trail, I carry a camp saw and we were able cut them and take them off the trail. Mostly sunny with a high of 9 but it was only 5 when we finished the ride.


  1. Everything is looking gloomy these days. I guess it is to get used to as the season comes to an end. Nice to know you volunteer and cut a few unwanted tree/branches from the trail. Hum, ever find any sea glass along the Hillsborough River?

  2. Hi Cindy, No I wasn't looking for sea glass, so I didn't find any. It was nice to see so little garbage along the shore.