Friday, March 16, 2012

Strange fish

This fish is located at the corner of Queen and Richmond streets. Some sunny breaks at +2 this afternoon so I cycled into Charlottetown logging 23 km for the trip.

The North River really is opening up, the channel is ice free for a fair distance.
A note to all you faithful viewers of the blog, I am travelling for the next couple weeks so the posts will not be every day. I am pointing the car south.


  1. I am coming to the island to bike the conf trail in July. Due to some vacation date bungling, I am a lady coming alone. I would prefer to travel the trail without a guided tour ( the research I have done has found the guided tours priced much higher than my budget)and would like you to comment on the safety of a woman travelling alone. I believe that the risk of the flight outweighs any risk of being alone on the trail, but would like the opinion of someone on the ground. Thank you

    1. Hi Wanda, I feel that you will be safe, especiatly in the Queens & Kings part of the Island. I do most of my cycling in these areas and often meet women cycling by themselves.
      Please let me know if I can be any more help to you.