Monday, May 28, 2012

Wild flowers

 Not sure what flower this is, it is in the woodlot.

 This one is in the wood lot as well, seems like it may be a type of Lady Slipper.

These are Lady Slipper's, they are on the edge of the trail in York.
It was sunny and windy, the temp was only 8 when I got home from cycling.
I visited neighbors this morning, at the wood lot in afternoon and cycling this evening with the Sherwood road group, we cycled to Suffolk and back. I had logged 40 km by the time I was home.


  1. Your right with the lady slipper, some day I'll get the chance to see them in the wild. You'll have to tell me where to find them, lol. The first is a White Trillium. Its protected by law in Ontario and is the Provincial flower. I learned that the Trillium is one plant that its seeds are spread by ants as well the germination.

  2. "Not sure what flower this is, it is in the woodlot."

    maybe a Bacopa plant looks like it.. :)