Saturday, December 5, 2015

Snow still here.

 A day later and all the snow is still on the trees.

 A little bare spot in this field.

I was on a different trail today, These down trees are new since last week, I will need the power saw to deal with them.  I was out for 75 minutes. Overcast all day with a high of 1.  Hopefully we will get some sun tomorrow.


  1. snow makes beautiful pictures. love seeing them.
    keep them coming!

  2. The snow is beautiful. We just had the first completely white frost last night here in Virginia. Truly enjoy your photos :-)

  3. The snow on the trees is like a winter wonderland. But I am guessing the linemens trying to get power back on are not impressed with it. At the 6:00 news they said only 5 homes left without power.