Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Clouds and hail

A mixture of sun, clouds, rain and hail with a high temp of 4 and some wind as well.
I was in Charlottetown in morning and at a meeting at Town office in afternoon and a NR Embers meeting this evening. No cycling on Aspen but 10 km on EB.
Photos: Clouds taken in Cornwall and hail on our lawn about 20-30 minutes after it fell.

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  1. i'd been under sun until i drove up to the bridge on wednesday. then, just as i was about to cross, a slushy mix hit for about five minutes. of course, i decided to wait it out by venturing under the bridge to get pics. wow. that was some kinda wind! but, then it was gorgeous after that. i must say, you live on a mighty impressive island.