Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Fall colours

Sun in morning, cloudy then rain by 4:00 PM, heavy rain this evening, forecast is for 45-60 mm overnight. High temp was 14. In Charlottetown in morning, This afternoon I drove to Milton and then cycled from Milton to Hunter River and back to Milton on the trail logging 35 km and back home before the rain started. Radio club meeting this evening in Charlottetown.
Photos: first two in Hunter River area, last one in Milton.


  1. *grinning from ear to ear* just lovely! radio club? what does one do at radio club?

  2. Same as most clubs, sit around and talk. It is the "Charlottetown Amateur Radio Club" Amateur being shortwave radio and our license allows us to talk or transmit as well as listen to other radio operators around the world. Most times we are just called "hams" I could give you are web site but it is presently down.
    If you get to PEI, contact me and I will buy a coffee.