Sunday, March 7, 2010

Signs of spring

The glads are up and getting ready to bloom.

A view of the Charlottetown waterfront as seen from Victoria park.

Charlottetown harbour as seen from Victoria park, note no sign of ice in the harbour.
Sunny with light wind, low temp was -4 but the high was 5. 15 km on EB this morning. I went to the Central Queens church this morning, some one was celebrating a birthday. This afternoon I cycled into Charlottetown and around Victoria park and then out the Mount Edward road and then home logging 25 km. Lots of people out walking on the boardwalk and a few on the sidewalks in town in shorts. I watched curling this afternoon and plan on watching tonight's draw.


  1. Are you sure they are glads? not crocuses? cocoa

  2. March used to come in like a lion but now it is a cute kitten...

  3. I guess we are all waiting on the trail clearing and the flowers blooming