Friday, October 8, 2010

Old farm machinery

Can you tell what these two pieces of equipment was used for?
You used this one after you used the ones in the first photo.
This one was used later in the fall for a difference kind of crop, can you tell me the crop?

Sunny breaks at 13, showers this evening and the temp is down to 5.
I was to the town office this morning, spend time in the shop in the afternoon. no cycling today but planning on doing Tignish to Summerside tomorrow so that will make up for having a rest day today.


  1. 1. hay cutter 2. hay loader[loose hay]
    3. binder, pulled by a tractor cocoa

  2. Okay, not full marks but very good. You missed the rake with the hay mower and the third question was "what is the crop cut by it"

    Thanks for reading.