Sunday, August 7, 2011

3 bridges

This is the Morell river bridge, it is the longest of the three bridges.

The next bridge is in Marie and I am thinking it is the smallest.

This is Midgell river bridge and is the newest as it was rebuilt last year.
I started cycling in St Peters and cycled to Mount Stewart, then cycled back to St Peters with a group of seven cyclists, round trip was 53 km.
It was misty in the morning but sunny in the afternoon at a high of 25.


  1. A pretty ride. cocoa

  2. Hi Cocoa, yes it is one of the pretty areas as it runs along the coast of St Peters bay

  3. Nice photos, but I wonder why one sign is different from the others?

  4. I was farther away from the bridge, all bridges have the same signs.