Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 This morning I was cycling in the Cherry Hill area, the farmers were harvesting the blueberries, these totes are waiting for the truck to pick them up.

 I cycled from Morell to St Andrews and back to Morell, about 25 km. After lunch I conducted  a survey for 3 hours at Morell.  Overcast and windy with a high of 18.

There was a few sunny breaks during the evening, these clouds over the North River are catching the setting sun.


  1. t
    he blueberries look hummie!! bring on the cream

    keep up the picture taking I enjoy them so much

  2. Thanks for taking time to visit the blog and I am glad you enjoy the photos. Some days I am lucky, The local TV station used the one of the eagle with the eel.