Sunday, March 9, 2014


 After lunch I went out on the snowshoes for about a hour. I saw this squirrel in the woods near the business park.
 They are hard to get a photo, usually they don't stay long enough to get a photo.

The government sand pile is almost gone, they will need to haul in some more.
Mostly sunny with light wind and a high temp of -3


  1. Hello from PA {USA} :). My husband and I are planning to visit your beautiful island in commemorate an amazing 25 years together. We were told that it would be a great idea to bring along our bicycles to ride the island. From your nice blog posts, I would gather this indeed is a good idea! We are not avid cyclists by any means, but we do ride several times over the year when weather permits. Would you think riding around PEI is an reasonable expectation? Just because photos seem to show the island has many small hills, maybe they are higher in real life 0_0. Thanks for your input. Looks like you all still have much snow. We do as well. This winter feels like it does not want to leave! Enjoy the day.

  2. Hello Donna!

    I'm not the blogger, but I know him, and he is on vacation for a few days. We'll be happy to craft a reply for you when he returns.


    ps. The short answer is that there are many trails to ride on PEI! Abandoned railway lines have been converted to trails