Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Big rigs

Rain at 12 here today. Two photos of a large truck, any guesses to how many tires are on it?
The photo of cleared land, I thought it was start of a road but was told a pipeline had been put in and top soil not leveled yet. Photos of oil rigs were about 20-25 km southeast of Killam and there seemed like the was 200 of them within 4-5 km. Usually the rigs are not close together.
No cycling today, not even on EB.


  1. My guess 50 tires on the truck. cocoa

  2. 48-wheelers? Wow, enormous machines. Wouldn't want to hit a convoy of those in my little Hyundai!

  3. cocoa, your guess is low, there is 8 tires per axle on trailer for total of 80 plus 10 on the truck tractor.

  4. I had the truck correct but was way off on the trailer... that's wild