Monday, April 13, 2009


Snow flurries all day at +2 and windy, 45 gusting to 60. But no extra snow on the ground.
I was in Montague this afternoon and the sun was out and no snow.
Photo taken in woods where I was skiing a six weeks ago, A fair amount of water running in that area now. I had a 30 minute walk this evening though the woods and took the photo.
I may miss a few days over the next week as I will be in Alberta.
15 km on EB this morning.


  1. this is a wonderful shot...

  2. Aaah, slushy muddy springtime in the woods! The last time I was at the mountain, the snow was really "sandy" and hard to walk through, I imagine it's all sludge now!

  3. Have a good trip. Get away from PEI snow. cocoa