Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring flowers

This afternoon it was 23, sunny and strong winds. This evening it is raining and temp is 14.
I started at 3:00 and cycled the same trip as I did on Sunday and logged another 35 km on Aspen.
Photos are flowers that are by the basement wall. 10 km on EB this morning.


  1. Flowers are blooming everywhere now here too! Very nice! Btw, I found a nice cottage to rent in Lower Montague, is that a nice area?

  2. Yes, Montague and Lower Montague are very nice, I am guessing the cottage is close to the river.
    The Confederation trail comes into Montague and if you found a cottage on the Brudenell side of the river you would be only steps away from the trail.

  3. Thanks! They are the Shores of St-Andrews cottages actually. They offered an amazing deal for a month or two and I'm really considering it. Not sure if it's on the Brudenell side?