Saturday, May 23, 2009


Sunny with a high of 14, as I post this it is 9. Planted a row of beans and some flowers today.
Started cycling in North Wiltshire and cycled to Emerald and then back to North Wiltshire. About 3 hours and 50 km. 10 km on EB this morning. Photos are the park in Emerald and the fork in the trail and you have to decide if you want to go to Kinkora or Kensington.


  1. So PEICycler, which path did you choose?

  2. Hope you had time to drop by the Boxcar on a Friday!
    Have there been lots of bugs? We'll be cycling in Emerald next week.

  3. Hi Rain, neither as I turned and went back. Next time I will have to decide.
    Apfelstrudel, Lots of cars at the boxcar last evening. A few bugs in marsh areas but not a problem yet.