Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sunny with a high of 20 and light winds. I started cycling in Brackley (BJ's trucks) and cycled to Scotchfort and then back to Brackley. I was two hours and 30 minutes and logged 43 KM.
Two of the photos taken in Scotchfort of flowers at side of trail, third photo taken in Brackley, there was a rabbit on the trail but it moved before I got the photo. 10 km on EB this morning.


  1. I think your pretty flowers are cowslips.
    Yesterday was a good day for biking the weather was so nice. cocoa

  2. The flowers are pretty! Way to go on the distance. Are there lots of cyclers out on the trail yet?

  3. Cocoa, I understand the flowers are Marsh Marigolds, sometimes called cowslips.
    Rain, Saturday was the first scheduled cycling event, I wasn't there but understand 12-15 were there for the Charlottetown event.