Saturday, May 2, 2009

New high for km cycled

I cycled to Charlottetown mall and took the trail to York, then cycled back to 1 km west of the Loyalist road, then back to Milton and then Rte 248 home. I logged 41 km for the ride.
Photos are trail sign in York, trail in York looking towards Charlottetown and one of the bridges in Milton. Rain in morning, cloudly with a couple sunny breaks in afternoon. Temp was up to 14.
10 km on EB this morning.


  1. Is that near your max. for a day?
    Nice pictures. Nice day for biking. cocoa

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  3. Last year my best day was 100 km but I now am a year older

  4. Wow, 41k is great! Well, I believe that if wine gets better with age, so do we lowly humans! :) PEI Cycler, is the trail very hilly?

  5. Hi Rain, for most of the trail no, but the North Wiltshire and Hunter River has the longest grades.
    Leaving Hunter River either way you have 5 plus km of uphill grade. You are at sea level starting in Milton and when you get to North Wiltshire (10 km) , you are almost 300 feet above sea level.

  6. I guess my mountain biking training will come in handy next year! Although I still can't do Mount Orford, 2800 feet - who am I kidding, I don't foresee EVER biking up that mountain. I've seen some kick-a** cyclers who can bike all the way up - it really looks painful!