Saturday, August 8, 2009


Sunny with clouds at 24 and with clear air. (nice day) The shower that we had last night at 11:00 PM measured 10 mm here. This afternoon I played 9 holes of golf with a friend and this evening cycled from Milton to Fredericton and back on the Confederation trail logging 48 km.
Photos are the tee off for hole two at the course in Bonshaw and the barley field in Hampshire that I have been watching all summer, My guess is the it will be harvested within the next 10 days.


  1. harvest time already? goodness, how the summer is flying by! nice dark clouds... :)

  2. Hi Kim, yes the evening light is already getting shorter, sunset here now is 8:30 where not long ago it was after 9:00.
    PS: I am not much of a golfer but my friend was looking for someone to go with him. He is the one that lost his wife in May.