Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sun flowers

Sunny at 25 with light wind. This afternoon I cycled from Milton to Rte 2 in Tracadie Cross and back to Milton logging 44 km. We then drove to Scotchfort for supper at Rob Roy's Country Kitchen. Then 8:00 PM when there was no wind I tried out my model airplane, once I was able to keep it airborne for over a minute. Photo is of sun flowers coming out in flower, the tallest one is just over 9 feet.


  1. Oh that must be fun, flying a model airplane! That's cool!

  2. You`re sunflowers are ahead of ours. cocoa

  3. My friend T is not a blog reader, but she loves sunflowers more than most people can imagine. I sent a link to this post and she really enjoyed it...