Saturday, August 22, 2009


Cloudy / sunny at 29 with strong breeze. Had breakfast with radio operators (ham) this morning.
At noon time drove to Hampshire and cycled to Breadalbane and back to Hampshire logging 50 km. Considering the hot day I was surprised at the number of cyclists out on the trail, 20+.
Photos: Horses near trail in North Wiltshire.


  1. Beautiful horses. Future winners at CDP. cocoa

  2. Hi PEICycler! I'm so happy that you're writing the weather each day! Now I know what to expect! I should be arriving within the next few months, I cannot wait! On my end, it's been way too humid to get on the bike, mainly because it's so mountainous, and the last time I tried it, I got so dizzy and dehydrated. I'll have to wait until we get some cooler temps to get back on! Have a great Sunday!