Sunday, February 27, 2011

Coyote tracks

These tracks were made this morning and I would say a good size coyote. The snow is firm in places to hold him up.

The firm snow allowed me to get a good photo of the footprint. It was about -8 with sun.
I was out on the skis for 40 minutes and over to the business park. Four trips to town today driving curling fans to the Civic Center to watch the final draws of the Scotties. I attended a wake this afternoon as well.


  1. ps. I may have posed this before, but I wonder if coyotes are aware of tracks when looking for prey. I can imagine smell and sound would be paramount, but do they have the cognitive ability to know "something came by here" just from the visual?

  2. Hi Alex, thanks for visiting, it is nice to know that people visit the site.

    CaptainCanuck, I really don't know but they are smart so I would guess yes.