Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hillsborough River

Looking south at the Hillsborough River from the bridge in Mount Stewart, all ice except were the water flows under the bridge.

This is looking north at the Confederation trail bridge, note the clear sky with a couple clouds, temp was -7.

One lone duck swimming around in the open water near the bridge, I don't know if it has been here for the winter or just passing by.
I registered for the 55+ winter games this morning, then I attended a Trail Officers meeting. After lunch I was snowshoeing in the Mount Stewart area. This evening I attended a wake in Cornwall.

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  1. Hard to tell from the picture, but is that a duck? I wonder if it is a dovekie (though they migrate south so either way, that is a confused bird). The big question is the bill: dovekies have a bill like a sparrow.