Monday, January 7, 2013

Fresh snow

 I was out on the snowshoes for 90 minutes, this fresh trail on the old CFCY property was a bit of a workout, the snow was in grass that had not being cut.

 Lots of snow on these trees, we got about 8-10 cm of snow last night, I used the blower to clean the driveway this morning.

The taller trees did not hold much snow, lots of sun this afternoon at -10.
I snowshoed to the business park, around the water tower, then to the MacPhail creek and home though the ball field woods. The GPS logged 5 km for the trip.


  1. Are y'all getting more, or less snowfall this year? That's alot of walking! : )

  2. Hi Joseph, more than last year, so far I would say close to normal but no big snow storm that gives big drifts of snow.