Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bare fields and quiz

This field will look different tomorrow because of 15-20 cm of snow forecast.

Cocoa was the winner yesterday, so how can you do on this one, there quite a bit of it missing but the gearing arrangement is the clue.

Overcast with sunny breaks in afternoon, light snow as I post this. Low temp was -2.5 and the high was 5. 25 km on EB. I cycled around town this afternoon for 75 minutes and logged 20 km.


  1. We think it is a grain seeder. cocoa

  2. I am going to say a very early combine, as shown in this photo:

    I have the power of the internet but not much of an agricultural background.


    ps. The old farm equipment pics might make a nice book! I wonder if the historical societies on PEI could use archives like that.

  3. Really hard to tell... I can see a rockshaft, but nothing on it. Just a guess, but maybe a hay tedder?
    Colville Road