Wednesday, January 27, 2010

River and a quiz

Looking north from the bridge over North River, very little ice. Years ago by mid January there would be horse races on the ice and many vehicles driving out to watch the races. When I was giving my children driving instructions, we would go out on the ice to practice skid control. I don't know if they remember doing that but I hope they remember how to control a skid.

Looking to towards the Charlottetown harbour, some ice but mostly open water.

Any guesses on what this old piece of farm equipment was used for?

Mostly sunny to day with some wind, Low temp was 2 and a high of 5. total of 30 km on EB, two sessions, one in morning and the other in evening. I was to a noon lunch with Crime Stoppers at the Dutch Inn and went cycling for a hour around town logging 18 km. This was my first cycling this year. As I have Aspen apart replacing bearings in the bottom end, I used my back up bike. I had to order the bearings and I am waiting them to come in.


  1. We think it is a hay loader for loose hay. cocoa

  2. Hi Cocoa, Yes I would agree, I believe there was rope and slats arrangement that carried the hay onto the wagon.

    PEI Pedaler

  3. I was too late for the quiz but just today I mentioned being out on the ice in the car.

    A friend from India has a new Camaro and is driving it in (somewhat) icy weather here. I told him to find a parking lot and then gave a quick recap of the river.