Thursday, January 14, 2010

Grain field

Stubble in grain field about 2 km from home, as you can see, very little snow.

Small stream at edge of field, it is near the MacPhail farm.

Cloudy with light wind, low temp was -4 and a high of 1. 10 km on EB.
After lunch I went skiing for 90 minutes, by the GPS I travelled 6.7 km and at one point had a top speed of 22.7 km/h. I have started getting Aspen ready for a new season, I have repacked the wheel bearings but had to order a shaft and bearings for the bottom end. Also the chain needs replacing, 5,000 km seems to be the life of a chain. When I was at the bike shop ordering the parts, The new bikes on the showroom floor were tempting, some of them are on sale.


  1. Again pretty pictures. nothing as tempting as a sale. cocoa

  2. Very neat.... I showed some people at work the photos of the red fox and the nice snow drifts from a few days back. They were very impressed.

  3. stubble in the snow... neat! tempted by the new bikes? best not mention that around aspen. :)