Sunday, January 17, 2010


Close up of tulips

Island grown tulips available this week at the Superstore. They bring a bit of spring into the house which is appreciated in mid January.

This part of the ball field is well used with ski tracks, snow shoe tracks and regulator foot prints.

Sunny with light wind and a low temp of -11 and it was -8 when I was out on the skis.
After lunch I was on the skis for 90 minutes and logged 6.5 km, 10 km on EB as well. I then watched the curling game which came on at 2:00 PM.


  1. Beautiful flowers. cocoa

  2. very spring-y indeed... i like the outdoor shot

  3. i like the pattern in the snow. tulips!! ah, my favourite flower and hope for spring. :) i think it's time to get some for myself.